10 Best Barbie Dollhouses of 2023

The 10 Best Barbie Dollhouses for Kids of All Ages

What are Barbie Dollhouses, and why would you want one?

Best Barbie Doll Houses For Toddlers/ Kids/ Barbies All Time

A playset is a building that contains many of the items needed for children to play. They can use the playset to create games, and crafts or spend quality time with their favorite dollies. When playing on the set, children can be stimulated physically and creatively which will help them develop essential skills such as organization, creativity, and problem-solving.

Barbie Dollhouses are the perfect playtime home for your doll!

Barbie Dollhouses are made of high-quality materials and designed with safety in mind. They come in various themes and styles, so you can find the best one that suits your child.

These houses are great for imaginative play and teaching children about different cultures and lifestyles. They also provide a safe space for kids to explore their creativity with their imagination.

There are many different Barbie Dollhouses available on the market, but which one is right for you? This article will help you decide which one to buy.

Top 10 Best Barbie Dollhouses for Kids

01. Barbie Doll House Playset, Multicolor

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Doll House Playset, Multicolor

The Barbie dollhouse is a beautiful and colorful playset that provides hours of imaginative play. It has a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a pool area, and an open area.

The Barbie Doll House Playset is a one-story home that unfolds to reveal a 2-foot-wide home. It is made of high-quality materials, has lots of storage space, and includes furniture like a bed, and chairs.

This playset is perfect for Barbie fans who want to take their favorite doll on adventures and create new stories.

This colorful Barbie Doll House Playset comes with everything you need to create the perfect home for your favorite doll. This playset is designed to make playing with Barbie dolls more fun and accessible than ever!

You can close it and take it with you when you travel. It has many accessories, and the best part about this Barbie house is that it has a light that turns on and off. The light makes the house look beautiful, and it looks great at night. I love this Barbie house, and I know that every girl who loves Barbie will also love this house. I suggest you get this Barbie house for your girl too because it is a must-have.

02.​ Barbie Glam Getaway Portable Dollhouse

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Glam Gateway Portable Dollhouse

If you’re looking for a place for Barbie dolls to relax and recharge, the Barbie Glam Gateway House is perfect! This amazing house unfolds to reveal a cute kitchenette, adorable bedroom, and en suite bathroom.

Barbie can cook a meal at the stove, dine at the counter on one of two included chair stools, and even take a shower in the en suite bathroom. Girls will love playing out fabulous stories in this glam home!

The house includes a kitchenette with two stools; bedroom with bed, nightstand, and side table (that opens for storage!); en suite bathroom with shower and toilet; and lots of themed accessories that include cookware (a teapot and pan), dining pieces (plates, utensils, and cups), bedroom accessories (alarm clock and pillow), bathroom items (hairdryer and perfume bottle), and a vase of flowers.

The Barbie Glam Gateway House also features a working door, latch, and carrying handle to fold up for on-the-go fun!

03. Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie 3 Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

If you’re looking for a Barbie townhouse that will inspire your little girl’s storytelling, you’ll love the Barbie 3-Story Townhouse. Barbie townhouse is one of the best barbie dollhouses with many cutest features your little one will love.

This deluxe townhouse has four rooms, plus a rooftop lounge, and comes with fabulous furniture and modern accessories. The first floor has a kitchen and living room, the second has a bathroom and bedroom, and the third has a closet and a child-activated elevator.

The rooftop opens up to reveal a colorful pop-up umbrella. The townhouse also includes a contemporary swinging chair, a transparent and sleek bathtub, a modern dining table and two chairs, a footed sofa, and a cozy-looking bed. With this townhouse, your little girl can create all sorts of fun Barbie stories with her doll friends.

04. Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Wheelchair Accessible Elevator, Pool, Slide, and Accessories

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Wheelchair

The Barbie Dreamhouse is much more than just a dollhouse. It is three feet tall and four feet wide, and it has many amazing features. These features include three stories, eight rooms, a working elevator, a pool with a slide, five pieces of transforming furniture, lights, sounds, and more than 60 additional accessories.

Ever since it was first introduced, the Barbie dreamhouse set has been a favorite among children. The set is designed in such a way that it is easy for small hands to move the pieces around and for adult hands to clean up.

This house is designed to be plug-and-play, which makes it easy for small hands to move the pieces around and for adult hands to clean up. The decorations and furniture for indoor and outdoor settings inspire play from all angles, and the transformations provide two-in-one fun.

The lights and sounds add even more delightful touches. Young decorators will have so much fun moving accessories around as they explore their personal style and tell all kinds of stories with the Barbie Dreamhouse.

05. Barbie Malibu House Playset

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Malibu House Playset

The Barbie Malibu House Playset is perfect for any little girl who loves Barbie. This 2-story set is designed with cool transformations and lots of storytelling pieces to make the playtime experience even better.

The Barbie dollhouse comes with many spaces and furniture. Your little ones can have a lot of fun with its transformation elements that add more possibilities to the playset. The 2-foot wide dollhouse comes with more than 25 accessories that your little ones can use to decorate its six rooms as they like.

The shower can become a vanity and the ceiling can turn into a bunk bed to make room for 4 Barbie sisters to sleep, and the living room can turn into an entertainment room. This set is great for hours of imaginative play.

The Barbie Malibu House is the perfect playset for your little girl. With 25+ accessories, your daughter can imagine herself living in the lap of luxury. The Barbie Malibu House is perfect for any Barbie dollhouse fan.

06. Barbie Doll and Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset with Pool and Accessories

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Doll and Dollhouse

Do you remember playing with Barbie dolls when you were a child? If you’re like me, you probably spent hours imagining yourself and your Barbie doll living in the most amazing houses with every possible amenity. Well, your childhood dreams can now come true with this fabulous Barbie dollhouse!

This dollhouse is very similar to the multicolor barbie dollhouse that we listed under number one in this list. However, this dollhouse has a few extra details and comes with a free barbie doll, dressed in a floral tank dress with pink shoes.

This particular Barbie dollhouse is extra special because it comes with both indoor and outdoor play areas, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a pool area. The bedroom has a bed that flips down and a closet that can hold clothing.

The inside of the house is just as charming as the outside, with a colorful kitchen that has a built-in sink and stovetop, a flip-down island and two chairs for dining, and a cozy bedroom with a flip-down bed and soft blanket. Plus, the bathroom has a toilet with a working lid!

The outside of the house is just as impressive as the inside, with a pool that can be filled with water, it has colorful “lights” hanging from the patio. No detail has been overlooked in this amazing Barbie dollhouse!

The dollhouse is also compatible with other Barbie furniture and toys, so the possibilities are endless.

07. Barbie Club Chelsea – Two-Story Playhouse Playset and Teddy Bear

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Club Chelsea Two-Story Playset

Chelsea Doll’s Playhouse. This playhouse is perfect for any child who loves to create beautiful stories with dolls. It comes with two stories, a kitchen, and plenty of play space.

It also has a working elevator, perfect for transporting dolls between floors. The playhouse also comes with various fun pieces of furniture, which your little ones could rearrange to create new stories.

The Chelsea Doll also comes with the playset, and she’s dressed in a fun skirt and sandals. This playhouse is perfect for any child who loves to play with dolls and create new stories.

This dollhouse is a great choice for a little girl who loves to play with dolls. It is very portable, so it is easy to take with you on trips. The Chelsea doll that comes with the house is dressed in stylish clothes and has a fun hairstyle. Your child will love playing with them in the dollhouse. The only downside to this toy is that the cardboard pieces don’t stay in well. Yet, the amount of playtime you get in return is well worth it.

08. Barbie Beach House

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Beach House

Barbie Beach House is sure to be a hit this summer! I bought this barbie house for my daughter when she was three, and she loved it. It is charming and the perfect size for barbies. It was easy to put together, and my daughter enjoyed playing with it for many years. It was super easy for me to put together and only took about 15-20 minutes.

The only downside is that it is not very sturdy and can be easily knocked over or taken apart. But overall, it is a perfect barbie house, and my daughter loved it.

The Beach House is two stories high with four different areas of play. Girls can arrange and rearrange the furniture and piece count for endless fun.

The Beach House comes with furniture and countless household accessories. The Beach House features include a living room with a spiral staircase, a bedroom with a bed that folds out (two barbies can sleep together), a bathroom, a kitchen, and a picture of instructions (no words).

09. Barbie Glam Vacation House

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Glam Vacation House

Are you looking for the ultimate in pinktastic play? Look no further than the Barbie Glam Vacation House!

This fun and fabulous playhouse feature two stories and six areas of glam-o-Rama play, including a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, patio, and breakfast bar. Plus, the Glam Playhouse comes with customizable and rearrangeable Clip n’ flip pieces, such as a TV, chandelier, and tiki lights.

You can even accessorize your playhouse with a couch, bed, breakfast/ patio bar, and blender. And, the Glam Vacation Playhouse folds up super neat for glam play on the go.

The Barbie Dreamhouse is the perfect first Barbie house for a 4-year-old child. It is elementary to set up and comes complete with everything you need to play with it immediately.

It is also a good size for a couple of children to play with and is not too intrusive. The Barbie Glam Vacation House is a bargain price for a Barbie house and is well worth the money. Overall, it is one of the best barbie dollhouses for your toddler.

So why wait? Give your little girl the ultimate in pinktastic play with the Glam Vacation Playhouse.

10. Barbie Camper – Pops Out into Play Set with Pool

Best Barbie Dollhouse - Barbie Camper Dollhouse

Girls will love taking camping trips with the Barbie Camper dollhouse!

The Barbie Camper playset is a great and the best barbie dollhouse toy for kids who love the outdoors. The camper has a pop-up top, side extension, and back to create a spacious 2-foot-long play space.

The open side becomes a pool with a water slide and stairs that fold out to make a splash. Girls will love taking camping trips with the Barbie DreamCamper!

When you buy the Camper Play Set, you’re getting so much more than a playset. It will be a complete camping experience for your child, complete with furniture, accessories, and even food!

The Camper Play Set includes two hammocks and front seats that double as chairs. There’s also a dining table, two stools, and a fire pit. Plus, there are storytelling accessories, like four sticks with marshmallows, place settings, food, pillows, and blankets for sleeping. There are no dolls included in the set, you can purchase them separately, or your child can use their dolls or figures to enjoy the camper.

The Camper Play Set is made of sturdy plastic and is brightly colored. It will provide hours of imaginative play for your child. They can pretend to go on camping trips, cook meals over the fire, and sleep under the stars. The Camper Play Set is a great way to encourage creative play and teach your child about the great outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How much does a Barbie house cost?

There are a lot of different factors that determine the cost of a Barbie house, including its size, design, and materials. But in general, you can get a Barbie dollhouse for $30 and upwards.

02. How long does it take to put together Barbie Dream House?

A set can take about 35 minutes to two hours to put together, but it is worth every minute!

However, the set can be challenging for children who have never assembled a dollhouse before. Please be patient with them and help them through the building process!

03. What is a good age for a dollhouse?

A good age for a dollhouse is typically between three and six. When your child is that age, it’s time to start teaching them about the world around them, including how to take care of their dolls.

A dollhouse is a great toy for kids. However, many parents are unsure when to teach their children about the world around them and start teaching them how to take care of their dolls. So, The age range for a dollhouse typically falls between three and six years old.

Final Words

So we hope you have been able to find the best barbie dollhouse for your barbies. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment about the dollhouse you have selected from the list of the best barbie dollhouses for kids and the best dollhouse for barbie sized dolls.

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