Best Cheap Doll Houses [Updated 2023]

Cheap Dollhouses - Best Price Dollhouses List

Are you looking for a cheap dollhouse for your barbies? Look no further! We have a great selection of affordable dollhouses that will be perfect for your little one. These dollhouses are made of durable materials and are easy to assemble, so your child can start playing right away. Browse our selections and find the perfect dollhouse for your child today!

Cheap Doll Houses – Things to Consider Before You Purchase

When choosing a dollhouse, we need to focus on many things. Mainly because you are buying it for your little ones, while concerned about the price tag, you must pay attention to the quality, safety, features, age of your child, colours and many more factors.

So, choosing a cheap but high-quality dollhouse can be challenging if you have never purchased or used cheap dollhouses before. Therefore, we selected high quality and cheap dollhouses you can use with confidence. These dollhouses will definitely entertain your little ones for hours and give them a safe playtime.

Cheap Dollhouses For Toddlers Under $50 [Our Top Picks For You]

ArgoHome Dollhouse, Dream House Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Years Old Girls Kids

Argohome dollhouse is one of the cheapest travel size dollhouses we have found. This dollhouse is very sturdy, cute, and similar to the LOL Glamper dollhouse. However, it is way less expensive than LOL glamper dollhouse.

ArgoHome Dollhouse Picture - Cheap Doll Houses

Argohome dollhouse is my favourite dollhouse and the one that we’ve had for two years, plus it’s priced under $50. The durability of this dollhouse is perfect and easy to use. This lightweight dollhouse also comes with many accessories and clothes.

Accessories for Argohome cheap dollhouse

Princess Dream House with 2 Dolls 9 Rooms Accessories and Furniture

If you want to surprise your little princess, the princess dream house dollhouse is another cheap and beautiful dollhouse gift you can purchase for your barbie for under $45.

Princes Dreamhouse Dollhouse - Cheap Dollhouse Photo

This semi-open dreamhouse comes with cute and realistic dolls (the doll’s joints are flexible and can efficiently complete a variety of movements), dollhouse accessories and furniture. One of the reasons I love this dollhouse is that it is portable and easy to put together (free-style assembly).

How to install Princes Dreamhouse - Cheap Dollhouses

It has three floors seven rooms, including two dolls, pets, beds, dressers, nightstands, stairs, tables, chairs and other furniture. Considering its quality, durability and safety, and fair price, I surely recommend it for your toddlers.

Barbie Chelsea Playhouse

Chelsea playhouse is one of the dollhouses you can buy for under $50 with many handy features. There are many hidden areas in this house that your little ones can discover. The transformation feature that reveals hidden play areas opens the door to endless playtime possibilities.

Barbie Chelsea PlayHouse Dollhouse Photo - Cheap Dollhouses

This 20″ playhouse comes with more than 20 cute storytelling accessories, including a pet puppy and kitten, fun furnishings, pet play pieces, tea party accessories, slide, pool, ball pit, elevator and more. It is effortless to assemble, and it took about 20 minutes to build my one completely. One con I see is that no dolls are included in the package. However, It is definitely worth the price.

Barbie Glam Getaway House

Barbie glam gateway house is another affordable and beautiful dollhouse you can purchase for under $45. It is a cute dollhouse with an unfoldable cute kitchenette, adorable bedroom and en suite bathroom.

Barbie glam gateway house - Cheap Doll Houses
Cheap and Portable Dollhouse

Glam gateway dollhouse is a transportable dollhouse that you can bring anywhere with you. It folds away and has a handle for transport. This is really a great starter dollhouse for any barbie.

It has a barbie bed, a stove that converts to a dining table with two chairs, a shower, a potty, a door.

These are the best cheap and affordable dollhouses you can purchase. From these four dollhouses, we pick Princess Dreamhouse as the best one that provides the best value for your money.


We hope this guide helped you find the best and cheapest dollhouse for your barbies. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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