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Toddlers always love to explore new things, and it is their best age to start playing with dollhouses. Playing with dollhouses increases their joy and happiness, but researchers say it also helps them develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills. So, if you plan to buy your toddler a dollhouse, it is always great to know the best options suitable for your child.

Some Dollhouse parts are tiny. So, they can be a hazard for toddlers. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting the best dollhouse product for toddlers. However, they also need to be attractive to their eyes. It helps them to have fun with their dollhouse toys for a long time.

What’s the best dollhouse for a toddler? We have created a list of our favorite dollhouses that helps you to find the best toddler dollhouse for your little one.

Best Dollhouse For Toddlers – Top Picks in 2023

01. Barbie New Dreamhouse

Barbie New Dreamhouse - Best Dollhouse for Toddler Girl

Barbie New Dreamhouse is the best barbie dollhouse. It stands nearly 43 inches tall and 41 inches wide and offers 10 indoor and outdoor play areas. With customizable features and 75+ storytelling pieces, your little one will enjoy playing with it for a long time.

This dollhouse comes with many play areas and customizable pieces. So, your little one runs out of stories to tell!

Dreamhouse also comes with modern features like realistic sound effects, 2 soundscapes, 3 songs, 8 light color options, and 4 light settings, including day mode, night mode, party mode, and mood lighting.

This dreamy dollhouse inspires 360-degree play with three floors and 10 indoor and outdoor living areas.

If you are looking for a durable and customizable dollhouse, Barbie New Dreamhouse is the best choice for toddlers.


  • Product Dimensions: 27.17″ x 68.9″ x 42.91″
  • Item Weight: 27.6 pounds
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries are required.
  • Easy to assemble

In addition, all sound effects and lights are fun and not annoying for anyone. This house normally takes 15 min to put together and is very easy to put together. It also comes with an easy-to-use user guide.

This house is one of the best dollhouses for children 3 years and up. It is also an awesome gift to any kid for their special events.

02. KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Wooden Dollhouse

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Wooden Dollhouse - Best Dollhouse for a girl

The KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Wooden Dollhouse is the best wooden dollhouse for a girl. Over 5 feet tall with four levels and 8 rooms, this sleek home will ignite imaginative stories for all dolls over and over again. It also comes with a working elevator and lights!


  • Product Dimensions: 48.5″ x 13.75″ x 53.75″
  • Item Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Materials: MDF, Solid Wood, Plastic, Fabric, Steel
  • Average Assembly Time: 1.5 – 2 Hours
  • Batteries: 6 LR44 batteries are required. (included)

The KidKraft Shimmer Mansion comes with eight rooms, and each of the nine rooms offers a unique backdrop for all types of stories.

You will also receive a 30-piece accessory kit that includes hand-painted wood furniture and accessories. A gym with a treadmill and a YOGA mat allows fun exercise classes for a healthy lifestyle in the workout room watching television.

The Shimmer Mansion does include all the accessories like a bed, side table and lamp, sofa, coffee table, pillow, floor standing lamp, kitty bed and kitty, desk, chair, computer, treadmill, bean bag seat, yoga mat, bathtub withstand, sink and toilet, fridge, kitty food and water bowl, kitchen table and two chairs, salad, grill, spa bath, plant, mirror, television. Lots of fun!

This house is absolutely amazing, and your little one will definitely love to play with it. It is very sturdy and well-constructed. If you are looking for something extraordinary, this dollhouse is a perfect choice for your toddler. It is a well-made quality toy that will be played with for years to come.

This house is one of the best dollhouses for children 3 years and up. However, even 30+ years old can play with it. 🙂 Any child would be lucky to have it.

03. KidKraft Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse

KidKraft Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse - best kidkraft dollhouse

KidKraft is known for durable wooden toys and furniture, and their Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse is no exception. This is the best dollhouse for 3-year-old children who love dollhouses and are hard on their toys.

Also, it comes with an amazing wooden finish with lots of space so multiple kids can explore and play simultaneously.

This house includes 14-piece furniture and accessory sets with six rooms and four levels with open, airy windows. This dollhouse features KidKraft’s innovative EZ Kraft assembly technology, which means less build time and more Playtime!


  • Product Dimensions: 32.5″ x 14.2″ x 49″
  • Item Weight: 29 pounds
  • Materials: Wood, Plastic, and Fabric
  • Average Assembly Time: 1.5 – 2 Hours

This house fits regular-size barbies(11-12-inch dolls). Everything is made out of wood, even the accessories, besides the kitchen set, which is plastic and ordered separately.

If you are looking for something cute and a house that lasts for a long time with a nice wooden finish, this is the best dollhouse for 3 years, 5 years old, and up.

04. Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle

Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle

The Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse is made from high-quality wood and precise manufacturing standards with a portable design that allows kids to have a hands-on play experience and give kids another engaging option for screen-free fun.

This wooden castle dollhouse for boys and girls comes with a cute and attractive design your little ones will love to play with.

This awesome house features two removable turrets, balconies, an arched walkway, towers, and a working drawbridge. The Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse makes an exceptional gift for kids from 3 to 10 years. This is a must-have house for a 3-year-old kid.


  • Product Dimensions: 17.5″ x 27″ x 15.25″
  • Item Weight: 11.77 pounds
  • Easy to put together.

However, the package does not include any figures, and you may doubt which figures would work best with this castle. We found the following figures are working well for this house.

  1. Melissa & Doug 7-Piece Poseable Wooden Doll Family for Dollhouse
  2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Flexible Figures
  3. Disney Princess Royal Clips-Multipack with 7 Small Dolls Collection
  4. Disney Princess Royal Collection, 12 Fashion Dolls
  5. Disney Princess Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Dolls with Comfy Clothes & Accessories

05. KidKraft Uptown Wooden Modern Dollhouse

KidKraft Uptown Wooden Modern Dollhouse - best dollhouse for 3 year old

The KidKraft Uptown Wooden Modern Dollhouse includes three levels, five rooms, and two outdoor spaces. It also comes with an elevator that glides to all 3 floors, a Backyard with a pool, chaise lounge, and BBQ grill.

This beautiful house also has a mounted working lamp that helps to illuminate the entire space. Also, it comes with a pack of 36 accessories containing a lamp that lights up, a keyboard that plays music, and a toilet with flushing sounds.

Your little ones will be surely entertained for hours with this cute wooden dollhouse.


  • Product Dimensions: 49.25″ x 25.25″ x 46.25″
  • Item Weight: 50.4 pounds
  • Batteries: 9 LR44 batteries are required. (included)
  • Average Assembly Time: 1.5 – 2 Hours

If you need a durable and large dollhouse for your 3 – 5 years old kid, this house is a perfect choice!

06. Cute Stone 11 Rooms Huge Dollhouse

Cute Stone 11 Rooms Huge Dollhouse - The Best Dollhouse for Toddler

Cute Stone dollhouse is a huge and the best DIY dollhouse for toddlers. It is really a large house with eleven rooms categorized into a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, piano room, bathroom, toilet, study room, and locker room.

Cute Stone 11 Rooms Huge Dollhouse - The Best Dollhouse for Toddler

This dollhouse includes furniture like a Carriage, dressing table, sofas, piano, computer, hanger, vanity, rocking chair, rocking horse, stove, bed, swing, bathtub, slide, cooking utensils, tableware, and many more. These detailed accessories are really amazing! There are so many pieces that your little one can spend hours setting up the scenes.

Cute Stone 11 Rooms Huge Dollhouse


  • Product Dimensions: 32.1″ x 28″ x 33.9″
  • Material: BPA-free, non-toxic ABS plastic, high quality, and safe materials
  • Item Weight: 13.67 pounds
  • Batteries: 12 LR44 batteries are required. (included)

This grand doll mansion set is gorgeous! Assembling it up is very relaxing and enjoyable.

This dollhouse is a great cute Christmas gift for your little ones. We recommend this dollhouse as the best dollhouse for 2 years old girls and up. This is definitely a must-have house for a kid.

07. Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift set

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift set

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift set is one of the best-selling dollhouses sets for toddlers. If you need a great value, durable, budget-friendly dollhouse set, Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift Set is a low-budget and high-quality set compared to other expensive dollhouses.

This dollhouse set and its rabbit family come with four rooms, one patio, 70+ beautifully detailed realistic accessories, and multiple ways to play.

Red Roof Country Home Gift Set is a large red-roofed Hopscotch Rabbit Family home set, including figures and furniture.

This cute gift set can be opened up for play at 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and any angle in between.

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift set - The Best Dollhouse Set

This set is really worth your money. It comes with a Main Unit, Chimney Room, Large Roof, Small Roof, Stairs, Entrance Porch, Window Frame A x3, Window Frame B x2, Small Fence x3, Large Fence x5, Lamp A x2, Lamp B x1, Hopscotch Rabbit Girl, Hopscotch Rabbit Mother, Table, Dining Room Chair x4, Car, Bread Box, Basket, Coffee Maker (Top), Coffee Maker (Bottom), Toaster Oven, Pot, Pot Lid, Mixer, Mixer Lid, Hot Plate, Hot Plate Lid, Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker Lid, Place Mat x2, Plate x2, Mug x2, Cup x2, Strawberry Jam, Marmalade, Fork x2, Spoon x2, Jam Spreader, Wooden Spatula, Bread x2, Child’s Desk, Child’s Desk Chair, Pen Stand, Color Pencil x2, Piano, Piano Stool, Oven, Frying Pan, Adult Bed, Blanket (a total of 72 pieces).


  • Product Dimensions: 25″ x 8.86″ x 13.78″
  • Item Weight: 9 pounds
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries
Red Roof Country Home Gift Set Family Members - Best Dollhouse for Toddler

This set will definitely have playsets for your toddler. Your little ones can create a lot of different stories and play with this dollhouse for many hours. This set will help improve your toddler’s imagination, creativity, kindness, love, and teamwork, as every family member in this set has a distinctive role in the Calico community.

Calico Critters Red Roof Cozy Cottage

If you can purchase Calico Critters Red Roof Cozy Cottage with this separately, your little one can create a large, three-story house by connecting it to Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home.

You can also purchase additional Calico figures to make this family more beautiful for your little one.

Calico Figure Sets:

  1. Calico Critters Apple & Jake’s Ride n Play
  2. Calico Critters, Persian Cat Family, Dolls, Dollhouse Figures, Collectible Toys, 3 inches
  3. Calico Critters Pickleweeds Hedgehog Twins
  4. Calico Critters, Hopscotch Rabbit Family, Dolls, Doll House Figures, Collectible Toys
  5. Calico Critters Triplets Care Set, Dollhouse Playset with 3 Hopscotch Rabbit Figures & Accessories Included
  6. Calico Critters, Persian Cat Triplets, Dolls, Dollhouse Figures, Collectible Toys; Figures and Cradled Accessory Included
  7. Calico Critters, Sandy Cat Family, Dolls, Dollhouse Figures, Collectible Toys, Premium, 3 inches

If you plan to purchase it as a Christmas gift for your kid, this is one of the best options. This set is suitable for ages 3 years and above.

08. KidKraft Annabelle Wooden Dollhouse

KidKraft Annabelle Wooden Dollhouse - Best Dollhouse for Toddler

KidKraft Annabelle dollhouse stands nearly 4 feet tall and offers three levels of fun, four spacious rooms, and a balcony. Wide windows let kids see their dolls from different points of view. This huge dollhouse is full of gorgeous details sure to put a smile on any young girl’s face.


  • Product Dimensions: 34.75″ x 16″ x 47″
  • Materials: MDF, plastic, and fabric
  • Item Weight: 31.9 pounds

This dollhouse comes with 17 colorful pieces of furniture, including a piano, chaise lounge, patio table, canopy bed, claw-foot tub, heart-shaped latticework, a pink shingled roof, ornate chandelier, and a Gliding elevator design.

It can take up to 2-4 hours to put this dollhouse together. This dollhouse is awesome for kids 3-10 years old.

09. Filii Dreamland Farmhouse

Filii Dreamland Farmhouse - Best Toddler Dollhouse

Filii – Dreamland Farm House is a clean, durable, and eye-catching dollhouse that you can purchase for your toddler. It is crafted from real wood.

This house is designed with no doors (open concept design) to make it easier for your child to access each luxurious room. Each compartment is spacious enough to fit a variety of props and toys.

Assembly seemed fairly easy compared to other dollhouses, and the directions are easy to follow when you assemble the dollhouse.

Dreamland Farm House is responsibly made from safe, non-toxic, lead-free materials. So, This house is suitable for children and toddlers ages 3 years and older.

There are a few smaller pieces, like the rakes, which you have to keep out of reach of the toddler in the family, but most of the set is fine for all ages.

Also, The assembly is not too difficult. It can take about 45-60 minutes to put together. The colors are vibrant, and the accessories are top-notch.


  • Product Dimensions: 41″ x 13.5″ x 35.5″
  • Item Weight: 37.9 pounds
  • Material: Wood

Overall, it is a nice and top-quality little house for gentle children with their toys & it is worth every penny.

10. Pidoko Kids Wooden Dollhouse

Pidoko Kids Wooden Dollhouse

The Pidoko Kids Wooden Dollhouse is a sturdy wooden dollhouse for 3 years old and up. This dollhouse is handcrafted with durable and sturdy wood and painted with child-safe paints. It is designed to U.S. ASTM safety standards.


  • Product Dimensions: 24.4″ x 10.63″ x 27.6″
  • Item Weight: 16.81 pounds
  • Material: Wood

This house Includes 12 pcs of cute furniture accessories. It is also compatible with other major brands of dollhouse furniture. It can accommodate 4 -6 dolls.

Additional Pidoko Dollhouse Furniture Sets you can purchase:

  1. Pidoko Kids Wooden Dollhouse Furniture (33 Pcs) and 5 Family Dolls – DIY Accessories – Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom
  2. Pidoko Kids Dollhouse Furniture -Fully Furnished Bundle Set – (42 Pcs for 5 Rooms) – Wooden Toys

If you need to purchase a dollhouse that can be easily assembled, this is the best dollhouse for your toddler.

It is pretty easy to assemble with the step-by-step clear introduction manual they include with the package, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to assemble.

11. Top Bright Dollhouse

Top Bright Dollhouse for Toddler

The Top Bright Dollhouse is a 3-story dollhouse with 5 rooms, one balcony, and 12 pieces of detailed furniture suitable for toddler girls 3 years old and up.

Top bright dollhouses for little girls are designed for authentic family adventures and include a kitchen, living area, bathroom, bedrooms, balcony, and elevator, which enable endless hours of engaging and fun filled playtime.


  • Product Dimensions: 5″ x 31″ x 15″
  • Item Weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Materials: Natural wood

Top Bright Dollhouses are tested to the highest U.S. ASTM F 963-11 and European EN71 toy safety standards, BPA free. So, it is safe for your children’s health.

With its high-quality, durable material and design, this dollhouse will surely last a long time. So, it is worth your money. Top bright dollhouse suitable for 4-inch dolls such as Chelsea dolls.

You can easily install this house with their video tutorials and introductions provided.

12. Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse

The Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse is a 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide house with eight rooms and 3 stories and a modern design. It comes with a working elevator and pool, a home office, A carport, a second-story pool, and 70 additional accessories.

This house has ​Lights and sounds that add realistic touches and encourage role-play. Some of them are tea kettle whistling sounds, oven timer for ticking sounds, and toilet flushing sounds.


  • Product Dimensions: 29.92″ x 8.66″ x 29.92″
  • Item Weight: 25.7 pounds
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries are required.

It’s very sturdy and easy to assemble compared to most other dollhouses.

This dollhouse is a great gift for kids 3 years old and higher.

13. Melissa & Doug Modern Wooden Multi-Level Dollhouse

NextX Kids Dollhouse, Pretend Play Toddler Wooden Toys for Girls

The Melissa & Doug Modern Wooden Multi-Level Dollhouse is a portable and tiny DIY dollhouse for toddlers. This dollhouse is the best dollhouse for 3 months – 7 years toddler boys and girls.

It comes with 19 individually hand-painted solid wood doll furniture pieces that include working doors and drawers and a beautiful design. It also features two movable staircases for different looks and five working exterior doors. Melissa & Doug doll house also comes with beautiful well-illustrated instructions that make assembly fast and easy.


Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 15.25 x 28 inches

Item Weight: 10 pounds

Materials: Solid Hard Wood

You can easily assemble it anytime without using any screws or tools. This product is sturdy and durable.

This is also a great and cute gift for your toddlers.

We hope you have been able to find the best dollhouse that suits your little one. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to read other articles about dollhouses on our website!

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